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Expand Into The Middle East ...

We competently provide various localization services mainly into Arabic, thanks to our powerful database of linguists. Clients can trust their service or product is translated and localized in the most appealing look and feel to the Middle Eastern audience.

Various Language Solutions ...

We provide our client with a conclusive package of language related services including Translation, Localization, Cultural Adaptation, Software and Website Testing, Desktop Publishing, Machine Translation Post-editing and Subtitling.


Client can get a high-quality translation service including Revision by specialized teams with extensive hands-on experience.


We provide a comprehensive linguistic and technical check to ensure proper functionality of yourlocalized website or software.


Make sure your product culturally and ling`uistically localized and get access to the fast-growing Middle Eastern marketplaces.

Voice Over

Your voice-over project is now localizedin a way appealing to your target audience thanks to our skillful voice-over professionals.


Do not worry about handling the graphic objects of your productsas we have skillful and professional DTP specialists.


Make sure your videos reachthe target audience and increase views number with a fast and completely accurate subtitling service.

In Almost Every Field...

Localization Universe has many production teams capable of handling various fields of specializations. Our comprehensive experience in translation as well as our specialized subject matter experts provide translations of highest quality in almost all fields.


Translation and localizationpass through a multi-phase process that includesseveral stages:

The first step in translation and localization industry is preparing the project for translation. The preparation process starts by the Project Manager who receives the client’s files. The PM then arranges a kickoff meeting in which the work plan is discussed, resources are assigned their roles, and time frame is set.

The second step is carrying out analysis. The project manager sends all the source filesto the engineering team who extracts the content and converts them into a workable format.

At this stage, project files are ready to be handled linguistically. This stage involves three steps; Translation, Editing and Proofreading (TEP). Language is first handled by native translators who read the original material and rephrase it in the target language, ensuring that the meaning of the source text is kept as is. Then a professional reviewer improves the language style, corrects the translation mistakes and makes sure that every word is correctly translated. The third step that is normally done is Proofreading. It involves checking the document, making sure that all instructions are stuck toand providing an error-free translation. Arabic Proofreading is the final stage. It is performedby native Arabic linguists who check that all linguistic structures, spelling and grammar are accurate.

The translated content is sent to the QC department that runs human and automated checks for missing translations, inconsistencies, number and punctuation issues. This is performed at the end of each translation task by means of QC tools.

After all checks are done, the whole project is sent to the project manager who sends it to the DTP department in case the project contains type setting, layouts, graphics, etc. Our comprehensive Desktop Publishing services include:

  • Formatting and layout of localized materials to mirror originals and comply with target-language standards
  • Generation of PDF files for online and print publication DTP quality assurance checks
  • Extraction of content for translation from any DTP application or file format

Localizing your content is just the first step. We help you make sure that your materials are perfectly formatted and appealing to your target markets through high quality DTP.

Before delivery, the project is returned to the project manager who sends it to the localization engineer to create a new version of the package and send it once more to the project manager. Now the project ready for delivery. We are committed to provide a high-quality product on the specified time and date set by the client and confirmed by us.


To get the optimum translation quality, we carry out a quality plan that includes several processes, utilizing the following techniques:

Meticulous Hiring and Rigorous Training Process

A strict recruitment process is followed to ensure the best resources are selected.

Subject Matter Experts

A subject matter expert, or SME, is the master of hisown specific area of expertise. Subject Matter Experts review is essential to verify the technical information included specially for specialized areas of expertise.

Customer-Focused Policy

To ensure that our work is on the right track, a follow-up is carried out for documenting client feedback, implementing the notes and remarks, and assessing customer satisfaction.


We use advanced technologies to get the most out of human efforts and save time, efforts and costs.

Efficient Project Management

A follow-up is implemented for documenting client feedback and notes, applying the remarks and assessing customer satisfaction.

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